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Faculty: Michelle Povinelli

PhD Students:

  • Bo Shrewsbury (Physics)
  • Raymond Yu (Electrical Engineering)
  • Silvia Guadagnini (Physics)
  • Tien Hsing Wang (Electrical Engineering)


We are proud of all our group alumni and their contributions in industry, academia, and national labs. Since 2008, we have had 12 PhD students, 1 MS student, and 2 Undergraduate Senior Thesis students earn their degrees. Three postdocs have gone on to positions in academia or industry.

  • Dr. Alok Ghanekar, Postdoctoral Researcher, 2020-2023
    Current: Assistant Professor, University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Dr. Max Lien, PhD in Electrical Engineering, 2023.
    Current: Northrop Grumman
  • Dr. Romil Audhkhasi, PhD in Electrical Engineering, 2023.
    Current: Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Washington
  • Mashnoon Sakib, MS in Electrical Engineering, 2021
    Current: PhD student, UC Irvine
  • Dr. Ahmed Morsy, PhD in Electrical Engineering, 2020
    Current: Intel
  • Dr. Aravind Krishnan, PhD in Electrical Engineering, 2019
    Current: Rockley Photonics
  • Mingkun Chen, BS (thesis) in Electrical Engineering, 2018
    Current: PhD student, Stanford
  • Elise Uyehara, BS (thesis) in Electrical Engineering, 2018
    Current: PhD student, MIT
  • Dr. Shao-Hua (Nick) Wu, PhD in Electrical Enginering, 2017
    Current: Rivian
  • Dr. Duke Andersen, PhD in Electrical Engineering, 2017
    Current: DRS Leonardo
  • Dr. Ningfeng Huang, PhD in Electrical Engineering, 2015
    Current: Oculus
  • Dr. Roshni Biswas, PhD in Electrical Engineering, 2015
    Current: ASML Brion
  • Dr. Eric Jaquay, PhD in Electrical Engineering, 2014
    In memoriam
  • Dr. Chenxi Lin, PhD in Electrical Engineering, 2013
    Current: ASML Brion
  • Dr. Luis Javier Martínez Rodriguez, Postdoctoral Researcher, 2010-2013
    Current: Associate Professor, Universidad Mayor de Chile
  • Dr. Camilo Mejia, PhD in Physics, 2013
    Current: JPL
  • Dr. Jing (Maggie) Ma, PhD in Electrical Engineering, 2013
    Current: Facebook
  • Dr. Mehmet Solmaz, Postdoctoral Researcher, 2010-2013
    Current: Intel

Former Visitors and Interns

We have enjoyed hosting researchers from USC, the USC CURVE and SURE programs, the IUSSTF-Viterbi program, and other exchange programs.

  • Jimmy Li, undergrad, 2021-2023
  • Abhishek Muhkerjee, remote undergrad intern, IUSSTF-Viterbi Program, 2021
    subsequent: PhD student, MIT
  • Cameron Davis, Marcos Girod, Iris Li, and Sean Yamaguchi, Undergrad Research Team, Viterbi CURVE Program, 2021-2
  • Yujun Sun, MS student, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2019
  • Fanqing Xu, MS student, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2019
  • Luis Pedraza, visiting PhD student, 2019
    subsequent: PhD U. Federal de Minais Gerais; research engineer Synopsis
  • Brennan O’Gorman, research assistant 2018-19
    subsequent: MS Northwestern
  • Mohamed Zaher, undergrad visitor from Zewail City, 2018
  • Karthik Vijay AM, undergrad, IUSSTF-Viterbi Program, 2018
    subsequent: PhD student Purdue
  • Arkadev Roy, undergrad, IUSSTF-Viterbi Program, 2017
    subsequent: PhD Caltech; postdoc Stanford
  • Luqi Wang, undergrad, Nankai University exchange program, 2016
    subsequent: PhD student, UC Davis
  • Shriddha Chaitanya, undergrad, Viterbi India Program, 2016
    subsequent: PhD student, Columbia
  • Traci Takasugi, undergrad, SURE Program, 2015
    subsequent: graduate student, UIUC
  • Ruyue Zhang
    undergrad, Physics Dept. visit program with Nankai University, 2015
    subsequent: MS student U. Tokyo
  • Luke Bouma, USC Provost’s Fellowship for Undergraduate Research, 2013-14
    subsequent: PhD Princeton; Postdoctoral Fellow Caltech
  • Danika Luntz-Martin, undergrad, SURE Program, 2014
    subsequent: PhD student U. Rochester
  • Ruobai Feng, undergrad, USC Physics Department visit program with Nankai University, 2014
    subsequent: MS University of Michigan
  • Debarghya Sarkar, undergrad, Viterbi India Program, 2013
    subsequent: PhD USC; postdoc Harvard; Research Scientist IBM Research
  • Vivek Sahay, undergrad, SURE Program, 2013
  • Mahmoud Kalaee, MS student in Physics, USC, 2012-2013
    subsequent: PhD Caltech; postdoc Caltech; Research Scientist Amazon
  • Apoorva Athavale, undergrad, Viterbi India Program, 2011
    subsequent: PhD U. Wisconsin-Madison
  • Karthik Kumar Rao
    USC Provost’s Fellowship for Undergraduate Summer Research, 2010
  • Victoria Saadat
    USC WiSE Undergraduate Research Fellowship, 2010
  • Avik Dutt, undergrad, Viterbi India Program, 2010
    PhD Cornell; postdoc Stanford; Assistant Professor U. Maryland
  • Steven Choi, MS student in Electrical Engineering, USC, 2009

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